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Puntaje GRACE para riesgo de muerte en Sindrome Coronario Agudo sin elevación sin ST

GRACE Score and Mortality Risk Category Calculator
GRACE Score For Risk Of Death In Non-ST Elevation
Acute Coronary Syndrome
*Risk Factor Finding Points
*Event Type Non-ST Elevation ACS ---
*Killip Class
*Systolic Blood Pressure
*Heart Rate
*Creatinine Level (mg%)
*Cardiac Arrest At Admission
*ST-Segment Deviation
*Elevated Cardiac Enzyme Levels*
  Point Total
  In-Hospital Mortality Risk Category
**Initial findings following hospital admission
**Due to variability in published documentation of risk scoring, GRACE mortality risk as an absolute number should be obtained from the GRACE Web site calculators.
*Arch Intern Med. 2003;163:2345-2353    
*Calculator Design and HTML transfer by Dr. John Coyle. 2010.

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